A (mostly) Mekong Diner

JEOW JEOW (pronounced to rhyme with plough plough) is loosely based on chef Tania Steytler and food writer Bill Knott’s travels in Southeast Asia. In particular the flavours and dishes they experienced along the banks of the mighty Mekong river in Laos and Thailand. 

As well as mounds of sticky rice and jeow dipping sauces, expect several kinds of laap, a dry, herby and spicy salad; fried chicken with charred chilli jam; home-made hot and sour sausage; and super-spicy devilled lamb faggot with tamarind broth.

Tania was head chef at the critically-acclaimed Snaps & Rye on Golborne Road; Bill is a former chef who now writes The Gannet restaurant column in the FT’s How To Spend It magazine.

Their first residency is in the heart of Soho at the Sun & 13 Cantons, a pub with a great track record as an incubator for new restaurant talent. Catch them there until mid-September.

“A stonking lunch… a love letter to the food of the Mekong. Deep, dark Ox cheek curry; crisp, lightly battered trout with fennel and sugared chilli dressing; pineapple fritters with palm sugar caramel. Go.”
Jay Rayner

“In a country where Thai food is so often so bland (and Laotian food near non-existent, save the lovely Lao Café), JEOW JEOW is a bracing blast of brow-beading, lip-smacking, palate-cheering delight.”
Tom Parker Bowles

(dishes and prices subject to change)

Sticky rice + Jeow – to be eaten with everything else

Sticky rice + Jeow bong – spicy dip of fermented fish + pork 3 

Sticky rice + Jeow mak khua – spicy dip of roasted aubergine + salted turnip 3 V 

Snacks + Skewers 

Pineapple – sweet, sticky pork + prawn 5 

Fried chicken smothered in charred chilli jam 7

Homemade hot + sour pork sausage – toasted peanut jeow 8  

Veal + pork meatball skewer, lettuce to wrap, chilli jam + peanuts 8  

Laap – dry salad made with roasted chilli, plenty of herbs + toasted rice 

Brown crabmeat, soft-boiled egg + minced pork, chicken crackling 9

Arctic Char Goi Pa (ceviche), green beans, lime, basil, dill , crisp shallots 14 

Roast cauliflower, cashews, watercress, soft-boiled egg, parsnip crisps 9 V 

For cooling it all down 

Sweet + sour cucumber salad with toasted sesame seeds 4 V 

Addictively hot, crunchy papaya salad made in a pestle + mortar 

Tum Som with dry-fried shrimp, tomato and peanuts 9

Tum Som with grated carrot, tomato and peanuts 8 V 


Fried squash + red onion, sugared chilli dressing, celery + fennel 10 V 

Fried Winterborne Trout, sugared chilli dressing, celery and fennel 12  

Devilled lamb faggot, mustard, cumin, tamarind broth 6/10

Sweet, soothing + reviving 

Lemongrass + lime posset – ginger snap biscuit 7 V 

Deep-fried pineapple, palm sugar caramel, pandan ice cream 8 V 

Scoop of coffee ice cream or pandan ice cream 2 V 

Coffee, regular or short 2.5 

We have popped-down for a while, but follow us on instagram and twitter to keep updated on our next move…

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