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Following the success of its initial residency in the Sun & 13 Cantons over the summer of 2019, Jeow Jeow’s home is now in the lovely Craft Beer Co. Limehouse.

JEOW JEOW (pronounced to rhyme with plough plough) is loosely based on chef Tania Steytler and food writer Bill Knott’s travels in Southeast Asia. In particular the amazing dishes they experienced along the banks of the mighty Mekong river in Laos and Thailand. It’s spicy, punchy, zingy and herby. The flavours are more river and jungle than coconut and palm trees.

As well as mounds of sticky rice and jeow dipping sauces, expect Marinated chicken skewers with Lao BBQ sauce, Springy spinach leek + chive dumplings, Slow-cooked Hang Lay pork curry, Ceviche of Dorset trout goi pa, Sai Oua hot and sour sausage patties, Lao-style hot and sour gaeng broth, plus great value bundles for 2 to share.

“A stonking lunch… a love letter to the food of the Mekong. Deep, dark Ox cheek curry; crisp, lightly battered trout with fennel and sugared chilli dressing; pineapple fritters with palm sugar caramel. Go.”
Jay Rayner

“In a country where Thai food is so often so bland (and Laotian food near non-existent, save the lovely Lao Café), JEOW JEOW is a bracing blast of brow-beading, lip-smacking, palate-cheering delight.”
Tom Parker Bowles

Sample Menu (delivery menus may differ)

Drinking/sharing snacks

Shrimp crackers, charred chilli jam 4

Springy spinach, leek + chive dumplings, hot and sour dip 8 vv

Griddled chicken skewer with Lao BBQ sauce 8

Sai oua sausage patties, wrapping leaves, toasted peanuts 9 

Spicy Thai soft egg + dried shrimp salad, crunchy cabbage 8

Ceviche of Dorset trout goi pa in laap-style, wrapping leaves 9

Tofu snacks, Laoganma peanut + chilli oil, pickled red onion 8 vv

Prawn + chive dumplings, black vinegar, ginger, cucumber s 9

Curry and Jeow Jeow mains

Order rice to go with, Jasmine 2.5, Sticky 2.5

Whole griddled spatchcock poussin, Jeow bong marinade, herbs and spring onions 15

Hang Lay Pork curry – slow braised Northern Thai Curry rich with dry + fresh spice paste, tamarind, garlic and ginger 12

Spicy Chicken Laap Gai ground meat salad of galangal, lemongrass, toasted rice, lime, fish sauce, chilli, herbs + soft egg 12

Fried Dorset trout fillets in palm sugar chilli dressing with cucumber, celery and copious herbs 12

Lao style hot + sour Geang broth, wasabi leaf, mushroom, tomato, sichuan pepper, shredded tofu, fresh chilli, dill and mint 10 vv

  • With soft eggs 12 v
  • With spiced minced chicken 12
  • With prawn + chive dumplings s 14

Burmese curry of tomato, ginger, paprika, turmeric and tamarind

  • With Dorset trout fillets 12
  • With Aubergine and red onion 12 vv

Bundles (for 2 to share)

Classic – Shrimp crackers, sai oua sausage patties, Hang Lay pork curry, spicy chicken laap gai (small), sticky rice, jasmine rice, jeow bong, Thai spiced slaw 38

Vegan – Spinach + leek dumplings, Tofu snacks, Burmese curry with aubergine and red onion, stir-fried cabbage greens, jasmine rice, Crispy onions 34 vv

Pesky (meat-free) – Ceviche of Dorset trout, Soft egg + dried shrimp salad, Lao Geang with prawn + chive dumplings, Stir-fried greens, Sticky rice, Jasmine rice s/g 40


Stir fried greens 5 VV

Thai spiced slaw with shrimp and peanuts made in a clay pestle and mortar 6

Small pots for extra heat and crunch

Tamarind chutney 1 VV

Jeow bong (fermented fish and pork) 1.5

Charred chilli jam 1.5  

Toasted peanuts 2 VV

Mustard greens 1 VV

Vegan chilli dip 1 VV

Crisp onions 1 VV

Soft egg 1.5 V

V – vegetarian, VV – vegan

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Just Eat:

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Our suppliers: HG Walter, Houghton Springs, Hoo Hing


Jeow Jeow at The Craft Beer Co.
576 Commercial Road
E14 7JD

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